Color Options

R-Panel (PBR) and Low Profile Panels
For standing seam and flush wall panels, please see Standing Seam Color Chart download at bottom of page.
*This color chart does not depict the actual colors due to monitor and device color profile variances. If color matching is crucial, we suggest visiting our location to look at the swatches.
Fern Green
Colony Green
Coco Brown
Ash Gray
Emerald Green
Sahara Tan
Desert Beige
Light Stone
Harbor Blue
Hawaiian Blue
Polar White
Burnished Slate
Rustic Red
Brite Red
Fern Green

Trim Applications

The trim diagram illustrates the most commonly
used metal trim on most building structures and its placement in application. There may also be instances where a custom trim is needed. Send us a detailed drawing of your desired trim profile. If you’re not certain of your trim needs, provide pictures of your unique situation and we could offer some guidance or get you in touch with a trusted contractor.

Asked Questions

What are the advantages of a metal roof compared to a shingle roof?

Shingles (asphalt):
Estimated 90% heat absorption
Needs to be replaced every 15 years
Normally costs less initially, but doesn’t last as long as metal; and a metal roof will save on energy costs

Possible insurance discounts
More strength and durability than shingles
Estimated 60% heat reflectance rating
Estimated 40% savings on energy costs
35 year warranty on most roofing metal
Better resistance to high winds, hail, snow, and burning embers

How do I clean, paint, and maintain my painted metal panels (metal roof, walls, trim, etc)?

See Download- able Resources below for the complete instruction Guide.

What panel warranties are available?

Galvalume: 20 years, Painted: 35 years.

Should I allow metal direct contact with treated lumber?

No, it will void your warranty.

Should I insulate a roof before sheeting?

We have a product called ThermaTuff. It is a moisture barrier and insulator. If you have a sufficient moisture barrier and insulation in your attic, it may not be necessary. For more information about ThermaTuff, visit

What’s included in your pre-engineered custom metal building product?

Initial quote, foundation plans, building materials ready for installation, and contractor references.

Download-able Resources

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