Custom Corrugated carries only the highest quality ZXL Sealtite long-life screws. ZXL is an excellent choice for Galvalume and other long-life metal panels in wooden and metal structure applications. Economy screws are also available.


Tacky Tape is a 100% solids and asbestos free butyl tape sealant. Applications include metal roof end laps, side laps, vents, gutters, pipe flashings, and skylights. Service temperature range is -40°F to 180°F. Material will not become brittle or crack.


Closures are designed to close gaps in roof and sidewall applications to withstand harsh weather elements. Material is pre-cut to conform to metal panel configurations. Applications include closing the openings at the ridge (peak) or at the eave (gutter-line). Polyethylene Foam.


Emseal closes up places that don’t need to breathe or ventilate (hips, valleys, ridges, etc.). It is compressed, then expands to fill voids to seal debris, moisture, and other weather elements. Emseal conforms to most panels. It is a self-adhering tape seal made from resilient, open-cell polyurethane foam impregnated with a water-based acrylic-modified asphalt emulsions.


MultiVent is a specially formulated polyester ventilated closure designed to fit under the ridge cap and conforms to most roof panel profiles. It helps keep out pests and allows air to ventilate while keeping debris out. MultiVent is a long-term solution that provides plenty of cooling air flow, which is vital to meet building codes, reduce utility costs, and minimize damage caused by improper ventilation.

Roof Jacks

Roof Jacks are made with a rubber sleeve that slides over the vent pipe and snugs to it. They are used to cover venting duct pipe from kitchen and bath fans, and for attic ventilation. Also available are high-heat (to withstand higher temperatures) and retro-fit (for electric service masts) versions. Different sizes available.

Sky Lights

Skylight corrugated polycarbonate panels offer multiple advantages over traditional fiberglass corrugated panels: up to 20 times greater impact resistance, the highest light transmission rates, the lowest yellowing index, the highest load rating, and the highest resistance to wind uplift. Available in Low Profile and R-panel profiles.

Acrylic Caulk

Tube sealant is designed for a wide variety of substrates including steel, aluminum, and concrete. Acrylic is a multipurpose sealant designed for exterior applications such as skylights or window frames. Acrylic can withstand prolonged water immersion. It is available in several colors.


Open-end blind rivets are designed to attach 2 thin pieces of metal for a low profile appearance. Applications include metal roofing, ridge caps, roof-gutters, and down-spouts. Painted rivets are available.


ThermaTuff is an insulation ideal for condensation protection, mold and mildew resistance, and temperature control for commercial and residential structures. Common applications include: under metal roofing, metal building roof and walls, house wrap, and retrofit. R-value up to R-11 (varies depending on installation methods, facing emissivity, and air space). Two roll sizes available (6’ × 125’ and 4’ × 125’). Thickness: 4mm.

Roll up doors

Rolling sheet (Roll Up) doors are designed and manufactured with durability, quick installation and ease of maintenance in mind. Features: door springs, ratchet tensioning device, radial ball bearings, dead axle torque tube assembly, 30+ colors, 26 gauge steel curtain, and 16 gauge galvanized steel guides. Also available: wind-rated doors, electric operation kit, insulation, and weather seals.

Doors and Windows

We offer a complete line of hollow metal doors, frames, and windows ideal for conventional, engineered, and modular metal buildings. Features: galvanized doors and frames, insulated door cores, textured steel door faces, completely reversible, and in different sizes and profiles. Some individual components are available.

Touch Up Paint

Touch-up paint is available in all colors for R-panel and LP panels. Product is recommended for minor scratch cover only. Features: Acrylic enamel, 4.25 oz aerosol spray can.

Other Products

Custom Corrugated has other products in stock and/or available for special order, such as fasteners for metal frame assembly, vinyl-backed fiberglass insulation, and other ridge-vent options to name a few. Ask us about any other products for your project needs.
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