Metal Buildings

You have many options with a pre-engineered metal structure. Applications include; metal buildings, RV covers, metal sheds, commercial buildings, homes, carports, and awnings. Our structures are designed and manufactured in-house for a high efficiency service and a high value product. Your structure will meet all local building codes for your specific location; and if desired, stamped by a licensed engineer. All components are welded, marked, and pre-punched. Drawing plans included. Doors, gutters, and extensions are some of the other options available. Our skilled team is ready to work with you personally and get you the results you need.

Our Process



Using state of the art design software and the best resources, together we create a building design that fits your budget and your practical needs.


Once the design plans are finalized, we fabricate the materials. Our quality control staff ensures that all materials produced are up to standards and accurate.


After fabrication, all building materials are delivered and ready for assembly. Our buildings are 98% bolt together (minimal welding and/or cutting).


- Quick Construction 
- Custom size and profile 
- Endurance 
- Termite resistant 
- Minimal maintenance 
- More resistant to weather 
- Local building codes compliance 
- Licensed contractor reference available 
- International Building Code IBC12 compliant 
- Long-life fasteners 
- American made Sherwin-Williams painted coils: highest warranty, extreme chalk and fade resistance.
- Heavy steel frame vs inferior tube frame 
- No cutting or welding


- Gutter system 
- Insulation 
- Ridge vents 
- Skylights 
- Lean-to additions 
- Roof extensions
- Roll-up doors
- Personnel doors
- Windows

a quote


Fill out the form and we will contact you within 48 hours with a detailed quote. We look forward to doing business with you. 

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